OUR VISION is to...

build brands and solve their creative challenges 


Today, technology has enabled small brands to be well known on a global level and it is a really exciting dance to be a part of. It’s much easier to find people and information but a lot of people do not know where to begin nor have the time or energy to do so. Connection to the right information is so meaningful because even a little bit of knowledge can make a tremendous difference—from knowing which bloggers fit your brand aesthetic to ensuring your company’s mission statement aligns with your overall goals. 

As a result, we believe we need to go beyond the traditional definition of a PR firm and combine a variety of approaches to our service offerings from full time media relations with select businesses to creating our own from the ground up,  investing in progressive companies,  empowering others to be their own publicist and sales reps, and influencing an excitement that you can do anything with the right tools. 

media relations

We offer full PR retainer-based services to both large-scale and growing brands who want to be seen on a national stage as well as to national brands seeking a strong tie in the Atlanta metro area. We work with top tier online media outlets to seed your brand story in a unique and authentic way that generates buzz.

A sampling of past and present PR clients includes: Jamestown Properties' Ponce City Market,  Westside Provisions District, NARS Cosmetics, Dear Keaton, SwatchPop, Huger Memories, Hazen Jewelry, Hudson Grace, and Carter Kay Interiors. 


• Print, Broadcast, and Online Placements
• Social Media Influencer Placements
• Product Placement
• Editorial Events & Previews
• Special Event Planning
• Media Planning

• Sample Trafficking

• Brand Re-launches
• Brand Feature Stories
• Top Tier Media Campaign Suggestions
• Sponsorship Development
• Creative Mailings
Speaking Opportunity Coordination

• Promotional Tie-Ins
• Celebrity Endorsement
• Charity Tie-Ins & Participation
• Fashion Show Press Coordination
• Launch Events
• Store Openings

• Brand Re-positioning



We’re motivated by a profound belief that access to knowledge will improve any business. As such, Domino provides a rolodex of tools for those creatives wanting to elevate their brand presence without investing the time and funds of a full-time publicist or sales rep. 

Services include but are not limited to: strategic media and sales counsel, collaborating to craft  brand identities, review of all current materials and collateral, generate an editorial and sales roadmap, design creative activations to build brand buzz, and establish brand positioning in a crowded marketplace.

If you're simply looking for the appropriate contacts to jump start your outreach, we have compiled carefully curated lists so you don't have to. 

media holdings and acquisitions

Domino Media Group owns select proven profitable businesses and invests in progressive companies nationwide.